Monthly Members Gatherings

FoNNaP holds a members gathering every last Saturday of the month. The gathering alternates on a monthly basis from a formal meeting (which involves an external speaker, moderator and topic of discussion) to an outdoor activity which includes inter alia, a sundowner and conservational field visits. The gatherings bring together a large network of members and wildlife enthusiasts from different professional backgrounds providing ample opportunities for members to network.

Lion Light Project;

The Friends of Nairobi National Park has for a long time been supporting the installation of LED Predator Deterrent Systems, often called Lion Lights, in the Athi-Kapiti wildlife dispersal area.  The installation of these lights serves to reduce human-predator conflict in the wildlife dispersal area, primarily by deterring predators from raiding livestock-holding Maasai bomas at night. This project concurrently helps to conserve the environment as it uses solar powered lights.

Budget; One boma goes for Ksh. 30,000

Target; 200 bomas in 2019

Conservation Education Programme

FoNNaP runs an education programme that targets the general public and learning institutions. The programme’s main objective is to create more awareness on Nairobi National Park and its importance and on the need for wildlife conservation. Some of the activities through which the objective is achieved are school park exposure visits, sporting activities, bicycle for wildlife in partnership with The Wildlife Foundation, educational field trips and conferences.

Budget; Ksh. 500,000

Nairobi National Park Clean up

The objective of the clean-up is to generally manage wastes generated in the park. FoNNaP holds the park clean-up on every second Sunday of the month.

Advocacy Programmes;

Such prgrammes comes as proactive measures to any decision, activity, policy or project that poses an existential threat to Nairobi National Park. These include the recently FoNNaP-led campaign advocation for the Standard Gauge Railway to be re-routed away from the park. This came up when the Government of Kenya made its intentions known on routing the phase two A of the Standard Gauge Railway through the park.

Campaign budget; Ksh. 3,000,000

Game counts

In partnership with KWS we have been conducting six game counts every year to help keep an approximate tab on the number of animals in the park and to monitor the wildlife trends and movements for accurate documentation.

Support and Share the Love
Support and Share the Love