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Friends of Nairobi National Park (FoNNaP) was founded in 1995 and is dedicated to assisting the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) in nurturing and preserving biodiversity within Nairobi National Park and the broader ecosystem to which the park belongs. FoNNaP is working closely with KWS and the community members adjacent to the park on helping to develop and implement conservation projects around the park to help the park thrive and serve its purpose.

The ecosystem south of Nairobi National Park, which is commonly known as the Athi Kapiti plains comprising of Kitengela, Isinya and Kipeto and the Kapiti ranches is experiencing an upsurge of pressure on the survival of wildlife in the past years. FoNNaP has been very instrumental in ensuring open sections of the wet –season migration routes and dispersal areas historically used by wild animals. FoNNap remains committed to a cohesive conservation strategy allowing wildlife and community members to co-exist in the existing dispersal areas.

Friends of Nairobi National Park (FoNNaP) is a non-profit making membership Society and registered under the Societies Act of Kenya.


Our Mission

To assist and inspire current and future generations to keep Nairobi National Park alive, through engaging with KWS and governmental bodies, the FoNNaP membership, partner organizations and neighboring communities, to take action to protect and conserve NNP and its wider ecosystem.


Our Vision

To be the leading voice in positioning Nairobi National Park, as the World’s Greatest City Wildlife Park.


Our Values

  • To expand the importance of the Park in the minds and hearts of Kenyans and visitors
  • To keep the Park and dispersal area alive by ensuring nature’s flows are maintained and protected
  • To defend the Park and dispersal area from negative developments
  • To facilitate & enhance KWS capacity through FoNNaP’s expertise
  • To influence political and high-level issues, such as the Wildlife Bill, development of roads
  • To be a facilitator and negotiator, working with all parties, for the benefit of Nairobi National Park and the dispersal area
  • To maximize voluntary participation and commitment of members
  • To have a thriving membership, representation and leadership



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Who is Who

Current Team

Jonathan Pereira

Chairman of the Board Finance and Administration Committee

Jonathan is a veteran tour operator having been in the industry for over 35 years. He has served on various committees of the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife and the Kenya Tourist Board.

Jonathan has travelled extensively in Kenya and Tanzania and has a passion for wildlife and photography. He has been actively involved in the Nairobi National Park since being a member of the Volunteer Patrol Service in conjunction with KWS. This has enabled him to be more actively involved in the conservation of the park which has a special place in his heart. He is a regular contributor to the FONNAP newsletter

Graham Wood

Board Member and Chair Events Committee

Graham Wood is the CEO of Hattrick Advisory Services, based in Kenya. He is currently a Director of Nairobi City Stars Football Club under the Jonathan Jackson Foundation. He is also a member of the Academy of Executive Coaches. Graham has a wealth of expertise in areas of humanitarian assistance as he has worked for over 25 years with vulnerable populations within and outside Africa.
In addition, Graham has impacted development globally through publications, the media, and senior representational work with governments, the United Nations, and academic institutions.
He brings to FoNNaP a passion for conservation and landscapes including NNP.

Daljeet Kaur

Treasurer and Patrol Programme Member

Daljeet is a graduate in finance and management with a working experience of over 10 years.

She is young and a nature lover. She has immense passion for Wildlife photography and conservation.
Having visited almost all reserves and national parks in Kenya, she keeps Nairobi National Park very close to heart.

Dr. Elizabeth Migongo

Board Member

Bake is Terrestrial Ecologist/conservation biologist, with a passion for Rangelands and Drylands management. She is ex-UN with a global experience in land use and nature conservation. As a board member, Dr. Migongo-Bake hopes to advise on issues related to promoting the health of the parks’ fauna and flora biodiversity.

Jim Kinyany

Vice Chair & Head of the Community Engagement & Advocacy Sub Committee

Recently returned to Kenya, Jim has been close to conservation all of his adult life. He is a past Chair of Uvumbuzi Club with who he toured widely in and out of Kenya, past director at AFEW and is passionate about Flora, Fauna, Wildlife, Communities and environment conservation done in a sustainable way!

Caroline NkamunU Patita

Board Member

Nkamunu Patita holds a BA in integrated Community Development. She has over 14 years, experience working with indigenous communities. She is passionate community led conservation and indigenous knowledge leader.

George Ochenge

Board Member, Wildlife and Habitat Committee

George has been a member of the Park Patrol and has particular interest especially in the large ungulates and flora of the Park. A clinical researcher by profession, he shares his spare time between the NNP and travel.

George is interested in helping promote the Park as a place that families should visit, including children.

Francis Mwariga

Board Member and Chair of Marketing Committee

Francis Mwariga is a long-term conservation enthusiast. He has for over 30 years been in the Tourism Industry as a marketing specialist in Hotel and Lodges industry as well as the broader Tour and Travel industry.
Francis has therefore travelled extensively within East Africa and the world visiting parks and industry-related installations.
Francis in his own words loves NNP and is dedicating himself to help tackle the many threats to NNP and its larger dispersal areas.

Who is Who

Team 2020

Gareth Jones

Chairman of the Board Finance and Administration Committee

Gareth has been involved in wildlife conservation for over 50 years. He was a honorary ranger (warden) for the South African National Parks from 1989 to 2001 . Gareth has been Involved in East African wildlife conservation since 2002 , focusing mostly on the Nairobi National Park. He writes various weekly media articles with photos to promote the park.

Trish Heather-Hayes (Mama Simba)

Treasurer of the board Finance and Administration Committee

Trish is an avid supporter of the Nairobi National Park and its lions. She knows close to all the lions by name and she is also part of the volunteers’ patrol programme, a joint collaboration of Kenya Wildlife Service and FoNNaP. She is happily retired after 36 years in a legal firm.

Jacob Tukai

Board Member Marketing & Education and Habitats & Wildlife Committee

An environmentalist by training, Jacob has worked on projects that resolve human wildlife conflicts and initiate sustainable land use planning within wildlife dispersal areas of Nairobi National Park. He has been instrumental in the re-establishment of a community wildlife rangers’ program managed by TWF. He is a self-taught graphic designer and passionate environmentalist.

Reinhard Bonke

Administrative Assistant Marketing & Education, Events & Finance & Administration Committee

A passionate young conservationist who has worked previously with different organizations covering key environmental thematic areas. A graduate from Kenyatta University with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Planning and Management. He majorly leads FoNNaP’s advocacy and community programmes.

Olga Levari Ercolano

Board Member Marketing & Education Committee and Events Committee

Olga is a second term as an active Board Member of FoNNaP. This year, she sits on the events committee. Olga is Familiar with all the big cat families in Nairobi National Park and she is a frequent visitor in the Park, monitoring the fauna and flora. Her main interest is to create awareness, through photos/videos and stories of different species of wildlife and plants in Nairobi National Park on social media.

Caroline Nkamuni Patita

Board Member

Nkamunu Patita Holds a BA in Integrated Community Development. She has over 14 years’ experience working with Indigenous communities. She is passionate community led conservation and indigenous knowledge leader.

Jagi Gakunju

Board Member

Jagi is a renowned conservationist, a keen ornithologist and a successful business leader. He has climbed Mt Kenya 14 times and was the founding Chairman of the Uvumbuzi Club, an organization devoted to discovering the wild places of Africa.

Gaye D’Costa

Board Member Marketing, Education & Events Committee.

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