FoNNaP History and Background

Friends of Nairobi National Park (FoNNaP) is a non-profit making membership Society founded in 1995 dedicated to assisting the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) in nurturing and preserving biodiversity within Nairobi National Park and the broader ecosystem to which the park belongs. These ecosystem, which include the surrounding wildlife dispersal area (the Athi Kapiti plains) comprising of Kitengela, Isinya and Kipeto, have noticed an upsurge of pressure on the survival of wildlife in the past years and here is where FoNNaP comes in. Since its inception in 1995, FoNNaP has worked closely with KWS and the community members adjacent to the park on helping to develop and implement conservation and rangeland management projects in and around the park. Based at Langata Link (office No.1) Langata South Road, FoNNaP has been very instrumental on the rangelands south of the park to keep open sections of the wet –season migration routes and dispersal areas historically used by wild animals.FoNNap remains committed to a cohesive conservation strategy allowing wildlife and community members to co-exist in the existing dispersal areas.

NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK Part of the 105 tons of elephant tusks burning at Kenya's beautiul Nairobi National Park in an effort to end the poaching of Africa's natural and living heritage; and to help influence a permanent world-wide ban on ivory trade and other products from wild animals



“To inspire current and future generations to keep the Park alive, through engaging with KWS and governmental bodies, the FoNNaP membership, partner organizations and neighboring communities, to take action to protect and conserve NNP and its wider ecosystem.”

Main Objective

The main objective is to influence opinions and decisions concerning activities and events which might have detrimental effects on the park ecosystem, its biological diversity, its density of flora and fauna and its access routes for migration; and assist KWS in developing and implementing appropriate responses.

How these objectives are met through;

  1. Promoting the retention of the wild, indigenous nature and ecosystems of the park.
  2. Assist in the management of the park.
  3. Raising public awareness regarding the importance of the park to Kenyan citizens and to the international community through education and publicity.
  4. Encouraging and building partnership with rural and urban communities that border the park and it s migration routes for the continuing viability of the park.
  5. Influence opinions and decisions concerning activities and events which might have detrimental effect on the park’s ecosystems
  6. Provide a pool of diverse knowledge and skills which can benefit the park.
  7. Enhance contact and communication networks with all sectors of the community living around the park as well as other protected areas in Kenya.
  8. Raise, mobilize and disburse funds and other resources for the above objectives.


  1. To educate and inspire current and future generations to keep the Park alive
  2. To engage with all stakeholders, to take action to protect and conserve NNP and its wider ecosystem
  3. To be the voice of the public, (through its membership constituency) to influence decisions and create positive change in matters wildlife conservation.
  4. To raise funds through donations, membership fees, fundraising events and sales of merchandise to facilitate specific projects.
  5. In collaboration with KWS and the neighboring communities, to protect the biodiversity of the Park and its dispersal area.

How do we Communicate?

Above all else the members and the entire world are kept in the loop on the happenings of the park through the information generated and disseminated through the FoNNaP mailing list, FoNNaPs newsletters circulated online, interactive blogs, facebook page and our twitter handles. All of FoNNaPs activities are lots fun! Get close and personal by joining us!

Contact Us

FoNNaP Office, Lang’ata Link (Office No.1) – Lang’ata South Road
P.O Box 45124 00100 Nairobi
Mobile: 0723 690 686

Payment Details

Cheque to: Friends of Nairobi National Park
Acc. No: 00800525251210
Mpesa Buy Goods Till Number: 275 211
Cash/Credit Cards Accepted